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The Complete Guide About Google Algorithms Latest 2019

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Perhaps Google algorithms are meaningless for many users. In this post, we introduce the most important Google algorithms, and this article will help you to get your website into the first Google results.

Google changes its algorithms every year. True, these changes are small, but these small changes have hurt many sites and companies and even left them alone.

Google Algorithms

Google algorithms

If Google is the magic lamp that users are about to ask for, their algorithms, as the ghost of Google's ghosts, will be intrigued by how to direct users to the right direction.

Surely the name of Google's algorithms is eaten! Panda Algorithm, Penguin, Hummingbird, RankBrain, Pigeon, Zebra Algorithm and Page Layout. If you want your site to be part of Google's first suggestions to users, it's good to read it to the end to get closer to recognizing Google's giant recognition by identifying the personality traits of the algorithms.

Website owners who want their website ranked first in the search engines. They are always looking for ways to do something, their website is technically understandable for search engines and aligned with Google's logic. Of course, this work is quite technical and specialized. Search Engines has a variety of algorithms exist for website recognition and rating, which all website owners want to share in the measurements of these algorithms. I'm reminded that people who work in the field of SEO should be familiar with these algorithms.

What is the algorithm?

Did you know that Google only introduces a limited number of its algorithms, not all of them? Google loves sites that have proprietary, optimal, fast and content. Do not copy after copying!

What is Google's algorithm?

Google algorithms are used for optimization and SEO on Google. The process by Google search engines perform Web analytics.

Google Algorithms

Google's algorithms include various and different equations and a function that is displayed to the user. Search engine crawlers collect and store all data.

In fact, algorithms are mathematically motivated by the classification of the contents and information as long as the user needs these data.

What are Google algorithms?

Google Algorithms Updates

Google algorithms are divided into two categories:

1. The main algorithms that are in fact only the core of Google and ranking on the basis of various parameters of the Internet websites.

2. Secondary algorithms that are used side by side to identify spam sites or improve search results and optimize user queries. Some of the second-order algorithms include:

  • Google Panda algorithm
  • Google Penguin algorithm
  • Hummingbird algorithm
  • Zebra algorithm
  • Pigeon algorithm
  • Page Layout algorithm
  • RankBrain Algorithm
  • PayDay Loan algorithm
  • Page Authority Algorithm
  • Caffeine Algorithm
  • Mobilegeddon algorithm

Each of these algorithms implements instructions and important points for them, we explain below the following algorithms:

1 - Panda Algorithm: Calm, kind and reader

Panda Algorithm

Pandas have a quiet personality and reading, so you can easily imagine that a large number of pandas are reading your website content daily. They read all the content carefully, and the quality of the content is very important to them, and it's no longer possible to deceive the pandas, as before, by aligning the keywords in a text. They can well differentiate a useful text from a weak text so that no user can be drawn to a low-quality site because they do not disclose content they do not like.

You have heard over and over again that on the Internet content is easily copied and placed on another site. Well, this would interfere with the SEO process, and the first-class sites really disappeared into a bunch of sites and did not have a specific place. As long as the Panda algorithm rushed to them. In this way, the crawlers of this algorithm are constantly looking for the content of the first batch and identify other websites that copy the content and remove it from the search list.

What content does panda not like?

1. Pandasized summary and incomplete content are not interested in reading two trivial texts. They know well that a short text does not have enough time to respond to the needs of the audience, which is why they put their eyes on incomplete and summarized texts.

2. Repeat previous vocabularies by copying content Pandas, like everyone else, do not like to read a text for many times, so even if twenty percent of your content is duplicate, they will no longer be worth reading. So if you use other sites to generate content, it's a good idea that a panda has already read all of them, and now if you are not going to make a new speech, you can at least look at the subject from a new angle and go with your own special phrases to keep your text up. Your content must be attractive and readable.

3. Collecting and summarizing the content. If you are collecting articles from different websites and extract from each article, you should know that the pandas have read each of these contents in detail and not satisfied with the anchor. So this method is not a good policy for content creation.

4. What is the prevalence of a single-page ad on the content produced? What do you do when reading a book every few seconds, someone with a new ad from outside the book's pages? What if you want to focus on advertising messages in front of your eyes? We all get caught up this time and we'll probably throw the book to the farthest point!
So if you advertise some different products on your website, banners and advertising messages go up and down your site, let's know that the Panda algorithm is fiercely redrawing around your site angrily. So observe moderation.

5. Content misalignment with Google. If you promise something in Google's search and the audience clicks on your link with a thousand pleasures and then faces a blank page, it's like inviting a guest and leaving yourself behind. Do not expect someone to pay attention to your promises. You have incompatible content and pandas are coming to you soon.

How do we get the Panda?

The above is one of the most important issues that can dismay Panda from your site, but it's still a way to get the Panda. Just scroll down to the old content of the website, remove the duplicate content, then go to check the synchronization between the articles and the summary and summarize how to avoid the mistakes of content creation and know that generating quality content is a long time-consuming task. The term will give you the desired result.

2 - Penguin Algorithm: Intimate links, haters of repetitive words and introversion

Penguin Algorithm

Spam links all over the internet and spoofing the links on user’s sites. The Penguin algorithm is responsible for identifying spam links and sites that they buy to improve their bunkenke ranking. Spam links made users unable to reach their true destination. For example, with the header, they entered a place that was in no way connected with the goal.

As we know, Google places a higher rating on a site where the number of links to it from other sites is higher and places it in higher rankings. This action led to the profitable people in the form of linking other websites and receives money for it.

If the penguin's link in long queues reminds you about them and it's good to know that penguins do not like any kind of link. They are looking for natural and valid links and penalize websites with spam and non-linked links.

Penguin Fighting with Link Schemes

Suppose you are a candidate who has bought a lot of votes to win the election. At this point, you get a lot of votes, but by counting votes, these people have no right to vote, so you suddenly fall from rank 1 and 2 to very low levels like two hundred or three hundred.
These invalid votes are the same as abnormal and spam links that you bought from invalid and unrelated websites, and the one who reviews and casting the votes your vote is the Google Penguin algorithm.
The penguin finds your site for spam links and fake downloads in Google's rankings and hits the bottom of the search results page of Google.

Penguin Fight with Repeat Keywords or (Keyword Stuffing)

If you declare your keywords to Google Magic Lights, Penguin does not allow you to search for unrelated sites. In the past, many sites have used keywords in bulk in a text to encourage more people to click on their website links. Reading these texts was hard and not applicable to the audience, and only increased the click rate and increased traffic to the website. As a result, these websites ranked above in the Google results page.
But now the emphasis of Google's penguin is on websites that generate high-value content and texts that have been bombarded by keywords.

Will the red card penguin show you a fine?

Because of the introverted personality, the penguin never tells you to be fined. He quietly performs his duties. Your website traffic may be drastically reduced just because of one keyword, or you may drop one of your website pages from a Google index for a specific keyword, or visit the Google Webmaster site with the "Invalid Lynxing" message. All of this can be a sign of your punishment by the Penguin algorithm, but first make sure you do the rest, maybe the problem is from another place. So do not overlook your website ongoing review and analysis.

Does the penguin rely on a fined website?

To win the penguin trust, you must remove all fake links, so you can use Google Webmaster and then upload the spam link file to Disavow the links. You can also get natural and valid links by focusing on the content of the website and creating synchronization between the titles and the subject matter of the text, and creating attractive and functional content, and gaining trust in Google's penguins. This process may take some time, but make sure these changes do not go away from the Google crawler robot.

3 - Hummingbird Algorithm: smarter / faster / serious

Hummingbird Algorithm

Before the Hummingbird algorithm, It's not hard to remember the days that we could not understand what we mean by Google. We all had the experience of spamming sites without any relevance, at a time when the Google Magic Lights gauge found that users were not always asking for specific keywords, at the same time that Google lost its fingertips when it encountered a sentence. It even considered the extra words as keywords, and we came to ourselves, we saw that we had a hand in the middle of an untranslated text, and every few seconds there were propaganda messages like biting fists, and after weighing the body was kicked and beaten by the feet of the system It got the results that Google does not understand our language and his magic lamp is disabled. We all remember these days.

Google's partnership with Hummingbird

After those difficult days, Google the fastest and Badqttryn bird, the hummingbird was invited. The main focus of Hummingbird Google, the concept Barthayyst that users are searching.

This algorithm can, by looking at each word, find all synonyms and related words in the fastest possible time and with high precision, you will be asked for it. He seeks to discover the semantic relationships between words and build semantic networks. In fact, this algorithm allows you to safely place your chair against Mr. Google's chair and talk to each other.

This algorithm focuses on analyzing user-search queries so that Google can display better results for users and improve their results. In fact, this algorithm does not directly affect the ranking results and simply checks the terms that the user is searching for and looks at the best results based on the wishes of the user.

Semantic search (Semantic Search) Hummingbird Algorithm

Suppose you make a mistake in stating, for example, instead of writing a "Sun Sports Room", even at that time, Google will find that you mean the same sports hall, and while the gym is not in the name of the sun, you do not disappoint and leave the Google Toolbar empty.
Google's search query does not just end there.

Suppose you are asking me what to do for an eyelash? And then he goes to terms like "cramping the shoulder" and "exercises for muscle cramps" or something similar to these phrases, and you can count on the fact that it distinguishes this "shoulder" by "combing the hair" as well as the "shoulder" of the egg.
Semantic Search helps Google, in addition to focusing on the concept of words and the combination of words in a phrase, consider your personal information, such as the history of previous searches, age, location, and other relevant information, and give you the best possible result.

The Knowledge Graph The Poison Algorithm

The graph of knowledge, as its name implies, is dealing with communication arcs and in some way helps Google to perform related searches. Let me give you an example! Suppose you look for a phrase like "buying sweets", and in addition to seeing specials for selling sweets, pages about ordering a variety of cakes, recipes for sweets and homemade cakes, or the nutritional value of various sweets and will also be shown to you. These issues actually complete your search.
Google's recognition is that such titles can also be interesting to you. Now if you click on the links to these sites, you will help to complete the Google Knowledge Graph. In fact, your behaviour will increase Google's knowledge.

How to improve SEO website, intended to draw hummingbird?

1. Do not think like robots! 

If you've been accustomed to thinking like robots or constantly using specific keywords in your textbook, just go back to your natural and human mind and write as you think. Our mind recalls hearing every single word in a circle and related words, and many times words of a moderate length and a descriptive word, instead of some words, influence our minds that can advance our content. Evaluate things in your mind and try to be creative and bring closer to the natural mind of man.

2. Take the notes seriously! 

Trying the links you choose to be in line with content may attract a lot of interesting titles, but Google is seeking to discover meaningful connections, so be careful to align the concept of links and content on the site.

3. Do not forget the standard Schema! 

To introduce pages with a variety of topics, it's just enough to help Google in coding the site with standard markup to find out what your site content is about?
In addition to the above, it is good to use things such as using pictures and video between text content to prevent tediousness and also to reduce jump rates, use of limited character writing along with long writing, and designing a site for different devices like mobile And tablets and so on.

4 - Zebra Algorithm: Interested in online shopping, sensitive and grateful

Zebra Algorithm

Black and white zebra lines remind me of barcodes on products and sales, and it's interesting to know that Zebra's Google algorithm is responsible for overseeing online sales websites. Black and white zebra lines, like the real world of insects, are supposed to be in the virtual world of defying and destroying the Internet fraudsters.

So if you are an online store, you should know that Zebra's algorithm is catching up with your site. Zebra strongly defends the rights of users who want to experience a good, high-quality purchase. This algorithm has been designed and implemented to determine the quality of online stores and prevent the spreading of counterfeit online stores.

Responsive or responsive design, barcode for all goods, discount coupons to encourage users to buy these products, make comparisons with products on other websites, reduce purchasing procedures and convenience of the buyer, the availability of prices on commodities, The presence of a valid address for the store this is a factor that Google cares about in this algorithm.

The ideal online store for the Google Zebra algorithm

The first and foremost issue for every online store is the issue of trust, so have an SSL certificate for the first step in building trust and maintaining security and authentication.

Second way to build trust is to put contact details, physical contact, and corporate addresses on the site.

Third is that the product specifications are labelled with the purchase label on goods, and most importantly, that the goods are delivered to customers in a timely manner, as well as the possibility of intercepting the products purchased for customers.

To build a good shopping experience, you can use online support and twenty-four hours that are always ready to help customers. The shopping path should be short and simple and the private information of the users should be in high privacy and maintained. You can also use incentive codes to increase the incentives for users to buy.

Adhering to the above, it turns your online store into a safe and secure environment for safe purchases, but Zebra's algorithm is heavily hit by Internet fraudster’s sites that contain more than 70% of online stores.

5 - Google Pigeon Algorithm: Interested in familiar places, pro-peace and proximity

Pigeon Algorithm

The pigeon is one of the bird who prefers to go to places he knows and flying to distant and unfamiliar places. So when you're looking for a store or restaurant, Google's pigeon is a priority for places near you.

With Google's Pigeon algorithm, Google goes all the way to the unique search results page. As such, Google's search results are different from those results in the same neighbourhood.

From a user's perspective, this is probably an interesting topic. But what if you have own website, is Google's Pigeon algorithm is a messenger of peace and friendship?

The answer to this question is not so easy. Because this algorithm helps a lot of websites, such as reference websites, and instead removes some websites from the search results page. If your website meets the principles of the local SEO and by generating unique content, you can define your business in the circle in a particular area or neighbourhood, and you will have the chance to rise on the search results of Google's page.

The main issue of the Google search engine is the pigeon algorithm. This algorithm works in the following way: The information of the website is placed in the data cages, and there are a number of doves in each cage that examine the content of these websites and compare them with the searched keyword.

Every time they find the right word for the keyword, they tip it over. The pages with the highest amount of tip they have been displayed on Google above. This algorithm helps users to better achieve their goals, even in terms of their geographic and native location, they show the content and purpose to the user.

6 - Page Layout Algorithm: Hates from high ads, fighter and finisher, saver

Page Layout Algorithm

Imagine entering a site that pop ups and pockets on your wall. Banner ads on the bottom of the page will blink you and full screen with strange links filled!

How do you feel like a user?
Do not feel like you've entered an endless horror tunnel. The task of the Page Layout Algorithm is to save users from this panic tunnel. Because every user has the right to have a good experience with your website visit, so be careful and not to penalize the PageLite algorithm that violates your site.
The ad is good but enough and in the right place! So, on each page, it should be one or two advertisements put there, so that they do not create visual contamination for the target audience.

Be careful the user has the right not to see your ad, so give him the right by adding the option to close the ads. Be sure to create a good experience for the user in terms of the amount of money you receive for advertising, creating more and more value for your website.

7 - RankBrain Algorithm: wise, adult, sensitive to the judgment of others, from change and progress

RankBrain Algorithm

Perhaps Google's most attractive algorithm is the Rank Brain algorithm. Hummingbird algorithm is an algorithm that is somewhat similar behavioural and every time you search for a phrase, like a hummingbird looking concept behind the phrase is but a broader and more complete!

Ranking algorithm behaves like a human being and uses past experiences to grow, and it can be said that those are human beings who are very concerned with the behaviour and judgment of other human beings and are constantly analyzing user behaviour in order to change it on its own.

How do rank tags analyze user behaviour and judgments?

Rank High Sensitivity to Click through Rate (CTR)
If you click on the fifth page of the results page for a few words to pass the first to fourth sentences, then Google's registry will over time understand that the site's ranking should be higher. So high click rates are one of the key factors in increasing your site's ranking on the search results page.

Bounce rate sensitivity is high
If the user finds out after entering the site and has a glimpse of the look, your site does not want anything, it immediately closes this site and raises the jump rate. The jump rate is expressed as a percentage, and its high jump is not in the best interest of your site.

Ranking sensitivity for user durability (Dwell time)
This refers to the amount of time a user is spending time on your site, and the more you can keep the user on the site for a longer time, Google gives you the message that you have high-quality content and you need to rank on the results page.

The sensitivity of the link to the user returns to the Google results page.
This factor describes the desperate return of the user to the search results page and shows that your site's content did not meet the audience's need or that your site was not attractive enough to read and the user preferred to return to the list of Google results and choose another site. Unfortunately, the weight of the negative factor for this site is higher than other factors.

How to optimize the site for the Rank Up algorithm by affecting users?

1- Increase click rates using attractive descriptions
It is also important for you to read the brief description on the site's results page before clicking on the site link. The more attractive the description is, the more likely your click will be. So, it's best to write the comments, point out the feelings of the audience, and use some powerful words.

2- Increase click rates using strong branding
Another important point is the emphasis on branding. If you can find your place in the minds and hearts of the audience, you will make your brand name appears on the search results page so that the user unconsciously stretches to your site and easily click on your link.

3- Increase the shelf-life of the site and reduce Bansarith
As you can see, these two factors are relative to each other and the rise of one leads to another downfall. So let's talk about keeping the user on the site.

4. Generate attractive and prolonged content
It's not easy to write a long text that remains attractive to the last one and does not bother the audience, but you can be curious and entertaining with the fascinating writing of the first sentence of the audience. Write the text in a paragraph and give the user's eyes a chance to rest with the space left blank. Also, try to use attractive headlines in the text so the user comes with you to the end of the text.

5. Linking to pages with similar content
Link with attractive titles to pages with similar content so that the audience constantly travels to your site's pages. By connecting engaging and intriguing content, you can create an exciting labyrinth from your site so that the user will spend hours on your site without having to notice it.

6. Non-downloadable videos
 Using cool videos that cannot be downloaded helps the user stay longer on your site to watch the full video.

8 - PayDay Loan Algorithm

PayDay Loan Algorithm

It happens when you searched for a keyword and entered a site but did not find the content you were looking for. A series of sites that use popular keywords for your site and its pages to make searches for it. This algorithm fights with this system.

9 - Page Authority Algorithm

Page Authority Algorithm

Validation and validation of your website, in the sense that the site is determined by the use of various factors such as content quality, the number of links from other sites, the number of visitors, and the time when visitors visit your site, the strength of the website's page is determined and ranked its effectiveness on Google.

10. Google Caffeine Algorithm

Google Caffeine Algorithm

The algorithm such as Hummingbird and search queries have been made to improve searches, with the difference that looking at social networks, so now, social networking activity has a significant impact on site SEO.

11 - Mobilegeddon Algorithm

Mobilegeddon Algorithm

Google has announced its latest algorithm, according to the expansion of the use of mobile phones by Internet users. This algorithm is one of the most recent Google algorithms that was introduced in May this year. Sites that are not well displayed on the tablet and mobile pages will gradually be removed from search results.

Becoming the world's best search engine is not easy!

Google, on the one hand, must always be on the rise, and on the other hand, it must be able to capture the black hat's ankles. One must always think of one thing, and that it does whatever it takes to bring the highest quality and relevant content to the very top.
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