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How to Free Download Windows 10? Specifications and Requirements for Windows 10.

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How to Free Download Windows 10? Specifications and Requirements for Windows 10

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Microsoft is launched a new version of Operating system Windows “Windows 10” on 29 July 2015. According to Microsoft, it will be the best operating system of today. Technical experts advise the user that they should prepare themselves to use this new operating system “Windows 10”. The things which you should keep in mind are.

1: The compatibility of your Computer?

The requirements of your computer for using Windows 10 are given below.

Update your Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1
Processor: More than 1 GHz
RAM: 2 GB of RAM for 64 bit and 1 GB for 32 bit
Graphic Card: Directx9 Graphic Card
Drivers: WDDM 1.0 Drivers
Display: Display is 600x1024
You can check your system requirements by using “Getwindows10” app, just click on “CheckMyPc”

Most important thing for installing Windows 10 in your Computer is Driver’s compatibility. Before installing Windows 10 into your computer, you should make sure that drivers of your Pc’s Main Board and graphic Card are available or not. If you already use Windows 8.1 and all drivers are installed easily then you have no issue to install Windows 10 into your Pc. But if your Computer has not support all drivers or some of them then it will be created problems for you, because without all Windows Drivers you cannot use your Windows 10 properly. So, you should make sure that your Pc supported all drivers before installing Windows 10 into your computer.

One more very important thing is Windows 10 will install all drivers automatically during installation of Windows, but you will face some problems because without original drivers you cannot be able to play games or any video or audio file properly. For avoiding this issue, you have to install original Drivers into your Pc.

2: Backup:

Although installation of Windows 10 is very easy, but you must make backup of your files because you could be face problems during update any software.

3: Space:

Widows 10 required 16 GB space for installation in 32 bit system. 20 GB for  64 bit

4: How to Download  Windows 10 Free:

If you want to download Windows 10 free after its launching, then you book your order through “Get Windows 10” App. If you have original Windows in your computer, then it will be on the right corner of Windows desktop taskbar. Click on this icon and follow given instructions.

5: Changes in Windows 10:

If you upgrade your current Windows then there will be few changes occur. For example
  • Windows Media Center will erase.
  • For playing DVD, you will be needed play back software.
  • Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets will disappear.
  • Solitaire, Mainesweeper and Heart will vanish.
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