Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Google Maps Timeline Shows Your Location History in a Timeline

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Google Maps Introduced a New Social Service.

Your Timeline

Google maps introduced a new social service for their users. As we know its age of social media. Then how it possible that google will remain behind any other network. Facebook become largest social media network in just few years.  Now Google also introduced different social media applications and services.

Recently Google maps launch a new application under the name of “Your Timeline”. Do you remember during past where you have been wondering, what you did in past days, perhaps you don’t remember but Google keeps an eye and keeps record of your past in the shape of movie. Google will show you all your past time happenings. Technology’s Giant “Google” has introduced it’s kind of application. On Facebook you have to update your status for informing your activities but Google service is one step forward than any other network by introduced a product by using you need not to update your status automatically by the help of your connecting your mobile phone Google Map service. That specific application will show you your traveling history. If you take any picture during your traveling, Google will save it and show you later whenever you want.


Google maps timeline

This new product of Google will assist people for reminding, where they were. Your Timeline would be completely protected, only you can see your Timeline. For using this new Google application, users would be connecting their location history with Google Map on Mobile Phone. You can also delete your history on your Time Line.

Although this is considered a useful service but on the other hand some users have some objections and consider this service dangerous one. People have associated different kind of precautions but most of them are scared about its privacy. They think its privacy will no more remain privacy if other people are familiar with one’s movement. Google’s management assured that its privacy is totally protected and merely customer can see on his Timeline. Let’s see how much Google’s commitment is going to work or it will just exploit the customers.
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