Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We Converted Blogspot.com Domain to .Com

at 4:34 PM

.com logo
We have converted our domain blogspot.com to .com

We are converted our domain from .blogspot.com to our same avalebale domain bloggerknown.com. I have been wanting to do this since a long time (ever since this blog started getting some attention).

Google's move to redirect blogspot.com to country specific sub domains example:(bloggerknown.blogspot.in, bloggerknown.blogspot.co.uk, bloggerknown.blogspot.bz) Thus i lost my traffic was a different country specific sub domains and That's why we could not got a good rank ,(Alexa, Google PR)

Blogger Templates

Also i change the blogger known theme first i used JPstation coustomize theme but now i developed new magazine type blogger theme for bloggerknown.com on this template has been fixed so many errors.

Template Structure

Logo: We change logo in this templates this logo represents what we learn here? Everything will be clear that this logo. learn blogging with html, css, javascript & php , php not for blogspot.com but php use for other platforms and scripts and the last i tell we also start php languages.

New templates Preview:

Blogger known Templates

If you find any bugs in this templates , then please do reported about this through contact form.. Thank you for your help.
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