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How to Get Adsense Account Approved for Any Domain

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How to get Adsense Account ApprovedHow to get adsense account approved for blogspot, wordpress, webs, weebly and other paid hosting sites.

I know many of you want to earn good money from the Internet, especially with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best money making program , and all blogger & websites prefer it. But it’s difficult to get into Adsense program now a days.
Below is the noted Adsense mail that most of us get once we aren't eligible for the Adsense program.


Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

- Copyrighted material
- Insufficient content
- Site does not comply with Google policies

The Google AdSense Team

But i will tell you how to get very easily Adsense into your website and blogspot . This guide is totally based on my own experience. I've worked with this method of getting approval of AdSense application many times for my friends and it worked anytime.

Register New Email Account1. Register New Email Account:

You should need a new email account could be Anyone. I had registered Adsense Account with Hotmail email it was later changed to gmail because gmail would be better.
1. Go to
2. Now fill your correct personal details

2. Custom Domain Name:

Custom Domain Name

Too many of us focus on the domain name, however my view is not important for and different free hosting domain you'll be able to use customized name. yes if you web site is (dot).com domain then your name is good for domain.

3. Site Design: 

Site Design

Your website should have a professional design which is able to satisfied Adsense advertiser to publish ads on your site and can help your blog being approved by Adsense.

4. Content and Number of Posts:

You have need 30 to 50 number of post that include the high quality content. You need to have useful articles with more than 500+ words. they need to create unique content before they apply for Adsense program. If you're having content that is copied from different blog’s then don’t even imagine to get approved. Your blog shouldn't contain any copyrighted stuff. You can’t provide links for downloading movies, eBooks or any of such type. Your blog should also contain safe content that doesn’t harm the society or in easy term children friendly. You can’t even apply for an account after you write in your regional language there are only few languages that Google supports for Adsense program. you'll read more in Google’s AdSense program policies.

5. Traffic:


your website must have some good quantity of traffic to get Adsense account approved. 

  • Minimum Traffic 1000 page views per day.
  • At least more then 300 unique visitors and majority from search engines especially Google.
  • If you have more traffic from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Canada. then its a plus point.
If you don’t have any traffic from search engines then drop the idea of applying for Adsense.

6. Connect Your Site To Social Media:

Connect Your Site To Social Media 
That is very important point to your blog must be connected with Social media networks, because the role of social media sites are very important for improve your blog visibility, traffic and blog ranking.  The best social media sites for driving traffic to your latest blog post
  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Stumbleupon
  6. Youtube
  7. Pinterest

7. Create Blog Pages:

Static Pages allows you to create specific pages like about me, Contact page, Privacy Policy etc. on complete pages that are linked from your site. The static pages basically are the same as post pages, however there are many things that make them different. According to adsense terms and condition every blog must have a working contact us page and privacy policy page to get adsense approved.
Create some pages for website.
1. About  2. Contact  3.Privacy Policy  4. FAQ  5. Advertise and create other pages according your blog.

Note: Some time Google Adsense reject the application, the key word is resubmit your application.

I hope when you complete above all instructions will you to get adsense approved account . 
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  1. Bro I Have Already Google Adsense Account Without Domain Name :) Check My Blog...

    1. Ads disabled due to policy violation. Adsense never accept copyright content :-)

      check my blog
      Basic Internet Tricks

  2. Brother mere apne blog ko bing search engine par 15 din pehle submit kar dya tha. lekin bing par mera blog search nahi ho raha.

    1. Ankit bro ap ka blog successfully submit ho gya hy. ap ka result bing search me add ho chuka hy please check again and agr kisi bhi site ka result dakhana ho tu just type kro Thanks for comment here.

  3. nice post with great Search keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep it up

  4. ;(( can you pls look up my blog.tried all i can but still guys

  5. nyc article dear but i have a problem. Can you how to solve this issue 'site does not comply adsense'.
    My blog:

  6. Azeem bhai! mujhe aap sey personaly kuch baat kerni hey, please agr aap free hon too reply zror ke jeayga mujhe, Name: Muhammad Ubaid , from Karachi........

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  8. plz check site

  9. Thanks. your tips is very useful

  10. how to increase comments in my blog...have u any best idea...or articles

    1. Must publish such articles people whom would be interested. especially when you are talking about a particular topic, "How can it" then user you have questions. when should a post about which you know and people are interested in it.

  11. Nice tips , Main thing is traffic and Content.

    Content should be unique , Adsense will be approved . I have setup Custom domain for my blog.

  12. faq or advertisement pages is also required !

  13. plz tell me the sol. of insufficient content !

  14. Hello,
    i applied many times but always adsense reply with " Issues:- Contact address incorrect, incomplete or not provided"

    any idea


  15. Nice Work, Exelant Brother. I hope that your stroggle is very usefull by us. i like it. this site all post is very famous. For more info about SEO tutorials, blogger tutorials, wordpress, making money online see here

  16. i have also approve google adsence but with an other way
    visit my site

  17. great article Azeem
    very informative blog , Azeem you add to many ads on infolinks and yahoo,bing network, i want to ask you how many ads can add in page /post when using yahoo,bing and infolinks network?
    here is my blog ,plz also suggest me to improve my ads location ,plz do inform me about how much ads use in a page!!!!

    1. You can use infolinks ads with any other advertisment network, like Google Adsense, Chtika, and other.

      Placing your ads at the right place will give you more clicks and generate passive income for you. If you will place ad banner in your header and below post title the ad banner would receive 100 percent coverage from the blog and you earn good money.

  18. Sir
    how to earn with my blog.
    my blog is
    and my adsense a/c not approve/active
    ple chk this .....

    Thanks in advance

  19. Guyz i am going to apply for adsence kya mere site approve hogi ????
    Please Reply

  20. Hello Yogendra Apki site mai Keyword Density proper not showing as Adsence policy so you must correct them

  21. Hi,
    i Have Blog With Blogger with adds
    and i read "site / domain should be 6 month old" in policies
    now can i use custom domain Which is just 15 days old Domain. Means Account Disapprove Hoga ya nahi?
    So Just Post Me Ur Answer

  22. thanks admin really nice and helpfull post for all newbies that are in blogging...

    love to read this post again and again.. thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

    but i am using my brother's adsence account, and i think we can use anyone's adsence account on our blog/website and there is no issue from adsence team...

    you can see its working fine here .

    so if someone's account was not approved ,, then you can use any one's account if your friend or any family member have it. no need to worry about.


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