Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to Boost/Increase Your Twitter Followers for Free ?

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How to get lots of twitter followers in
AFollowers is a powerful system to gain new followers for free. is one site that can add followers on " Twitter "easily enough 1x click and you will get a lot of followers. :)

Simply follow the below STEP:
  1. First login to
  2. After login to twitter go to this link:
  3. It will appear like this, and click " Login With Twitter ".
Afollowers Login - Increase Twitter Followers

4. Click Authorize app

Twitter - Authorize an application - Increase Twitter Followers

5. And click " Get Follower Now ", you will be a follower appropriate" credit "you have, First time using this application you will get" 50 Credit "
1 Follower Need 5 " Credit "
Click on GET Followers Now

How to get Credit?
1. Click on "Gain Credit "on the tabs above.
Afollowers gain credit

2. Share your referral link, and everyone who signs up with your link, you will get a " Credit ".
Afollowers referral link

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