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How to Add Facebook Like Box to Your Website/Blog

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Add Facebook Like Box
The previous troutal we have learned how to create facebook page for website/blog and business and in this post we will learn how to add Facebook like box or Facebook button to website/blog.

A Facebook “Like Box” on your web site is a good way to increase the number of people who “like” your Facebook Fan page. When we add a Facebook box into our site our fan follow easily our site through Facebook and easily get all update via Facebook. Let’s see how we can add the Facebook Like Box (the newer version of Fan Box) to a website or blog in a few minutes.

Facebook Like Box

Note: If you probably did not create Facebook fan page for your website then please read our previous post how to create Facebook page for website or blog.

Follow steps to add Facebook like box to your website/blog.

  1. Go the Like Box Social Plugin Facebook page
  2. Enter the web page address or URL of your Fan page in in the first box; for example:
  3. Customize the width, color and what things you would like to appear in the Like Box that will be shown on your page
  4. Click the Get Code button and copy the text in the iframe text box (Do not copy the XFBML text box)
  5. put this code is the place you want to show , 
  6. Blogger > Go to Blog Dashboard > Layout > Add Gadget > Edit HTML and past code in html box.
If you want to change the design options simply repeat all the steps above. If you have any problem then please use comment box for feedback and other suggest.
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  1. hey... thanks a lot dude...
    i added it to my blog... :)

  2. Thanks for the tricks but i have faced i little bit problem this time. My blog's like box don't allow like directly After like ;(( it's want to confirm the like. Please solve this. My site address is:

  3. thnaks for sharing

  4. Thank you very much I have just followed through your instructions and succeeded. I
    am so grateful. I read an article before which just confused me. Yours was straight to
    the point and I have nailed it. Thank you once again

  5. I think I have really come on the right place for getting the perfect info.

  6. nice tutuorial, i have also shared a post in this label ,, please review sliding fb comment box widget


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