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How to Create Google+ (Plus) Fan Page for Website/Blog

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How to Create Google+ Page

Google recently introduced Google+ Page. Many people take advantage of it and still many new users do not know much about it so today tutorial i have tell you  how to create google+ plus for your business and individual website or blog. and many user use defult blogger profile they how can move blogger profile to google + plus Pages. it is very similar to the Facebook Fan Pages.

Why Use Google Plus?

Google+ Pages that a media business promotion, brand, organization, until the web / blog.
I  see so many advantages Google+ Pages, such as to unite the fan or follower of the blog in a major media as well as serve as a medium of information for them about updating the blog.
Associated with the profile, of course, use that profile integrated (sourced from one profile to all kinds of Google services) makes it easy to fit into a variety of services with just one click without having to log in repeatedly.
it is very similar to the Facebook Fan Pages.

How to create a Google+ Fan page

1. Go to this page  here you will find many category page. To create a page for your site then click Product or Brand
How to Create Google+ (Plus) Fan Page for Website/Blog

2.Select a category click website and click Next
google profile for blog

3. Enter the Blog Title and URL as Follows and Tick the Agree Page Terms check-box and Click on Create Button.
How to Create Google+ (Plus) Fan Page for Website/Blog
4. Enter the Tagline of the Blog and Upload a Profile photo (if any!)
5. Share your page with friends after complete click Finsh

 To Grow your fans and Audience, add the official Google+ page badge to your blog.
Click here to create blogger badge for your blog

How to Transfer Blogger Profile to Google Profile

You have created the Google + account​​ already follow above method.
1. Logged into Blogger
2. Go to Dashboard
3. Select the tab  Google+ and select the Upgrade Google +,see the below picture:
How to Create Google+ (Plus) Fan Page for Website/Blog

Tick the I have read above check-box and Click on Switch Now
How to Create Google+ (Plus) Fan Page for Website/Blog
Now move on To your Google+ Plus Page.
How to Create Google+ (Plus) Fan Page for Website/Blog

After the process is complete, Blogger will display Google+ profile (name, profile picture, and information) on the blogger profile gadget (if installed) and when my friend made ​​a new post or comment (name and profile picture) , but the old posts and comments have not changed. If my friend was not satisfied with the integration of Blogger to Google+ profile, do not worry. Blogger profiles can be restored to the condition, such as that already noted above, the return (revert back) Blogger from Google+ profile no more than 30 days after the integration is performed. trick? Just go to Blogger revert profile and finish.
Good Luck & Happy Blogging
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