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How to Create Facebook Page for Website/Blog and Business

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Facebook Fan PageFacebook is the world's second largest website after Google and no one social media website. Nowadays the all internet users use Facebook. Every business since everyone is special and a common man uses Facebook.A Facebook page is a perfect way to connect with your customers on Facebook,

How do I create a Facebook page for website/blog and my business?

1.Log in to your Facebook account. Your new page will be linked to this account, and any changes you make to your account will need to be done after you log in.

2. go to

3. Here you can select any category according to your business.

Pick a category from the following list:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

How to Create Facebook Page

For example, to create a page for your blog or website
4. The first step is to choose what style of page you may produce. select “Brand, Product, or Organisation”, and select the ‘Website’ profile within the in the menu.
Select Brand or Product for website

5. Give your page a name, and agree to the Facebook pages terms and click Get Started
6 .On the Next Page, Upload an Image for your Fan Page and other setting, it is exactly the same for your Facebook profile.
7. You'r page is now ready and how do you change the page usernames & page web address
First page webaddress link of your page like this
How do we can change?
For that we should need 25 like for page
1. Enter you page account
Enter your account
2. go to Edit Page > Update Info > Basic Information here you can view user name You can now direct people to
click Change username and enter your page name like "bloggerknown"

Now you can update your blog status of the page.
Thank you all if any doubts please leave comments. for more detail please click here
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  1. Its quite straight and simple to apply for the novice bloggers. You did a beautiful job... (h)

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