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Earn Money Online With Chitika and Blogger

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Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!
Chitika is a PPC program with high rate of payment is a free service that displays revenue-earning ads to your web site or blog visitors that includes different types of ads for different types of traffic. it's very the same as Google AdSense but it is a bit different so the best news is that you can have both on the site at the same time. Google AdSense and Chitika can work friendly and do not violate Terms of Use of each service.

Chitika is that the only ad-network that knows when not to show an ad, helping to protect your user expertise.

Why Use Chitika?

Because chitika is the best way to build cash on-line along the Google AdSense. Chitika can show relevant ads at the right time. several bloggers use Chitika to monetize their blogs and sites and Darren Rowse (from ProBlogger) extremely suggest this service to make money online.

Very Low Minimum Payout

Chitika charges advertisers to be featured aboard your site's content. At the end of each month you're paid supported the previous month's earnings (Net 30). Payments are sent once your account earns a minimum of $10.00 (USD) for PayPal payouts or $50.00 (USD) for checks.

Chitika Referral Program

Never forget to use the Chitika Referral Program, which gives you a share from the publishers and advertisers you refer. This becomes an excellent income if you're able to refer others to join this program. 20% of my chitika earnings ar referral earnings that keeps on going although i'm not using Chitika on my blogs.

Multiple Sizes of Ad Units There are different sizes of ad units available

Applying for a Chitika Account.

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  1. Good to know about PPC program, chitika. I am looking forward to trying it soon. I'm waiting because I'm not in my hometown and got to ask my brother first about this. He has been using this program. Anyways, thanks for the information.

    Make Money Online

  2. @Johny Depp- Now is the time to try Chitika! They just announced a partnership with Yahoo! last week. Check out the press release

    Happy Earning!!

  3. I use Chitika to monetize my blog but it seems I am not lucky on it compared to adsense which I have received already my first payment.

    1. Clearly adsense is the best advertisement network in the world. and pay very good impression but Chitika pay less then adsense and your blog is good thanks for leave comment here.

    2. Techandgio- There are multiple ways to earn $$ with Chitika.

      The first is to become a publisher. The ads you receive when you first join are temporary as they will change after we review your site. This can take a couple days.

      The second way to make money is by becoming a Referrer where you can earn 10% for 10 months for every publisher who generates revenue.

      Happy Earning!

  4. I have applied on a few minutes ago for my Blogsite and they have approved my request. I am very much Excited!

  5. how much tym does it take to activate the ads on blog and make money

  6. any body cna help me i am insert chitka code in my bloger but add are not show on my blog ple help me

  7. hello how can i insert chitika add on blog help me ple when i insert chitika add code then no add show on post or gaget

    1. After applying chitika account you can add code into your blog or website , chitika automatically add your site after approval > Open chitika account Go to > DOMAINS & APPS > Click UNCLAIMED DOMAIN and here show your domains which you can put Chitika codes.

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  9. Hey bloggerknown is agree chitika is best alternative of adsense and
    i have some more powerfull tips to make money for chitika advertising .

  10. There are a lot of blogs that really helps me, and this one really helps me on how to make money online..

  11. very nice.. i want to learn with chitika news :>)


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