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How to Create a Free Blog on

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Do you want to create a blog for free on How to make a free blog using Blogger is most popular free Blogging service owned by Google. If you are to create your own blog on Blogger, Here is a step by step guide to create a free blog.

Follow the instruction given below to make your own blog for free

Step1. Go to and Sign In using your Gmail/Google Account. if you don't have a google account then please first create google account and blogger account.

1. Create Google Account
2. Create Blogger Account

After sign in when you see below screen, click on New Blog button at the left to start to create a new blog.
new blogger account

Step 2. Create a new Blog title and url address
how to create new blogger site

Type in your Blog Title and the blog address you'd like to use, then choose a blog template.

  • If enter you domain side shows "Sorry, this blog address is not available"- that means, the address is used by someone, so you have to pick another address.
  • You can pick any template at this moment, and change it later
  • When blog title and address is Ok, click on Create Blog ! button at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations - Your New Blog is Active!
Your blog is now live and ready for you to start writing content.

In the next lesson we will Learn how to management a blog.

I hope you liked this tutorial, If you still have any issue with creating your own blog on feel free to ask me via comment box below.

Best of Luck for your new blog…Happy Blogging!!
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  1. hiiii bro,

    pls tell me how to create Custom robots header tags in my blog.
    i have no idea how 2 do it.
    what should i do.

    1. read more about custom robots header tags for blogger


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